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Our SUPER pads are perfect for heavy flow during the day.

There are 10 individual pads in a bag.

We started our design process with a survey group of 21 women, ranging in age from teens to pre-menopausal. We asked this group a series of questions and used their answers to help us design Bamboo Babe pads. Women have designed our pads, which is why they work so well.

We use the latest biodegradable and compostable technology and are committed to continual improvement of our products. Our products are made in an ISO and GMP certified facility using the latest global manufacturing techniques.

Our pads are ultra absorbent, super dry and therefore very comfortable. They are designed to keep the surface touch dry. This reduces skin irritation and odour. To achieve the amazing dryness our pads offer, Bamboo Babe uses the latest technology in absorbency. Our pads contain micro-particles that are scattered throughout the bamboo fibres, which can absorb fluids at many times their own weight and retain it even when squeezed. This makes it perfect for keeping moisture locked away and keeping you dry. The micro-particles are non-toxic, safe and inert in the soil when the pad is composted and allows us to give you a product that is ultra thin but still super dry. Dryness (performance) was the number one request of our survey group.

We use end-to-end adhesive backing so there are no annoying loose ends. Our market survey group also requested this.

We use a corn based top sheet made from 100% natural fibre. This is low irritant and comfortable against your skin.

Our pads are biodegradable and compostable including the individual wrapper. We do not recommend home based composting due to possible microbiological contamination that may occur.

We use no irritating ingredients. Our pads are latex free, cruelty free (we do not test on animals) and vegan.

Our bamboo is sustainably farmed, GMO free, chlorine free and pesticide free. We use 100% bamboo fibre with mechanically pressed bamboo cores; naturally organic and naturally grown. Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. 

Our product bags are hybrid and contain 40% biodegradable material. We are committed to green product development and will keep advancing the biodegradable plastic product bags as technology improves.

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