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To keep with your natural flow (as much as possible with that unpredictable little beast), our deliveries arrive every month and the delivery cycle is fully customisable...because let’s face it, our cycle doesn’t dance to the rhythm of a calendar month, business days or postie deliveries.

When you subscribe, you will receive 10% off your purchase (for being an absolute babe of course). Don’t forget, we still donate 5% of every purchase to Childhood Cancer Research too, so while you’re giving yourself a little gift, you’re helping a little someone who really needs it.



Because we celebrate women in all their beautiful differences, we’ve decided that you can customise your own BB subscription. You don’t want us telling you what you need, so while we’ve suggested a few packs, you can customise your own combination to include the products you need. So you can go with the flow much more freely.


You can even choose the frequency of your delivery to every one, three or even six months to save on postage and reduce waste. We recommend choosing every 3 months as the best green eco friendly option that will save money and reduce waste.



Payment is simple - pay with your cycle every month so everything is dancing to the rhythm of you. If you subscribe for 3-month deliveries, you’ll pay for the first 3 months in advance, and continue paying every 3 months after that (if you still love it). If you subscribe for 6-month deliveries, you’ll pay for the first 6 months in advance, and continue paying every 6 cycles after that (if you still love it). Don’t forget, you can cancel anytime, but we really hope you won’t want to because we’re sure we are going to get along just fine.


Got more babes in your tribe? Why not try ordering in BULK for your local eco-store, village or community centre…

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