Brilliant product
"I love the fact that Bamboo Babe's products are biodegradable and the subscription option is convenient and suit me perfectly"
Emily V.
Love these liners
"I am a daily liner user and it has been my goal of 2019 to switch to something more sustainable. After hours and hours of online research, I finally settled on Bamboo Babe, and what's more they even offered the free samples with free shipping! I tested out the everyday liners, as they even let me get 2 of the same one (since it is the only thing I'm after), and am sold. I've just put through my first order. They stay on even after a long day and a gym session, they don't allow any smells, they're affordable and good for the environment! "
Natalie S.
great product and service
"Always reliable"
Rayleen F.
Fantastic product
"They are really nice and very absorbing will definitely be buying them again... well done"
Gianna B.
"Really great experience, super absorbent and comfy and effective. You can barely feel them there. "
Indiana T.
"I think that the simple fact you are able to try FOR FREE first is simply stunning. Having made the switch I am so happy that I have. Better for the environment & me. Wins all around. Highly recommended. "
kimberly b.
Great product!
"Great experience, I love that it's better for the environment and they were actually really thin and comfy so I forgot I was wearing them sometimes but they still did their job! Will be buying them from now on!!!"
Kaye R.
Fantastic products
"Definitely recommend these pads and panty liners. Not only do the do the job well they have environmental cred too! Thank you BB for these awesome products!"
Melanie B.
Amazing product
"Very happy with the super pads. I was skeptical at first however, they won me over."
Emma M.
Awesome products
"Great, they’re so soft l hardly new I was wearing them."
Rachel P.
Amazing product
"Super comfy and absorbent pads and I love the idea of helping the planet. 110% recommended. "
Letizia B.
Way too good
"Really happy with the pads very soft and comfortable and earth friendly"
Sonika L.
no pain pads
"I have purchased these pads for another member of the family as they cannot use regular pads as they cause very bad skin reaction so they are so happy with bamboo babe, says they are light and you don't know you are waring them. good stuff."
evelyn hansen
Totally awesome
"See our previous review for super pads, its the same for these. Wished we had discovered bamboo pads AGES AGO!."
Really comfortable and durable
"Knowing products you’re using aren’t harmful to the earth really makes you feel good while using them, great quality and concept!"
Jess D.
Best purchase ever!
"Bamboo Babe pads are not only good for your body, but good for the environment too! I also love how the adhesive runs the whole length of the pad ensuring it stays in place! The price of a packet of BB pads is the same as you would pay for the plastic, chemical laden pads elsewhere so do yourself a favour and try Bamboo Babe pads..you won't buy anything else ever again! "
Amanda B.
3 for free trial
"I got three different sizes as I was keen to try a range, and I have to say, VERY soft and just really nice to unpack and see a pretty looking pad in my hand. Worked well and reduced odur, making me feel cleaner too. I've recommended to a couple of my friends who have allergies and I'm excited for their experience. "
Kiara M.
Absolutely perfection product:)
"I just love them. They are not expensive and they are super comfortable:) highly recommend them 🙏🏻"
Lisa-Marlen D.
Pretty good
"I love how it’s eco friendly "
Amanda F.
Super pads
"i am the shopper in this family and for years my wife has not been satisfied with the Poise and Carefree line of pads,she USED TO USE,but THEN BY SHEER ar#e we came across this product as a blue link at the bottom of an eBay page, I thought, "why not". My wife couldn't be more happier. These pads are SO GOOD SHE DOESN'T HAVE TO CHANGE THEM AS OFTEN AS THE OTHERS. She also uses them as a daily liner, only needs replacing once a day. Other brands 2-3 times per day. As stated by others they are INCREDIBLY THIN, BUT VERY EFFICIENT. More importantly my wife was developing allergenic reactions to those other brands, THESE SOLVED THAT PROBLEM. Fast delivery and friendly service, and saves a heap of time when Shopping Especially SINCE OTHER BRANDS KEEP CHANGING THEIR PACKAGING .You need to try them for yourself. The best pad, my wife has ever used---her words. Totally recommend this product. "
The Normal Pads
"I honestly have been looking everywhere for a more environmentally friendly replacement for pads. I’m so glad that I came across this brand. The pads were comfortable and breathable. I’m telling everyone about it! "
Heidi R.
Loved them
"I’m really happy using these and knowing that I’m not harming the environment! "
Bec H.
fantastic product and service
"Thoroughly professional with lovely personal touches. I highly recommend the products available and would love to see them in supermarkets nationally!"
Rayleen F.
Super happy customer. Love your products.
"Thank you for introducing me to your beautiful Bamboo Babe pads. I was very excited to try them, literally counting the days till my period, and hoped deeply they would be as good I imagined . Well, I'm pleased to say you can add my name to your list of satisfied customers. They out performed every other sanitary napkin; so much drier, more absorbent and thinner. I can't remember ever in my life being sad my monthly flow had finished . My husband even said he wanted to write a review about the happiness he witnessed in me. You have given women the option to choose products that honour ourselves and our planet"
Georgina K.
Sustainably great 🌏
"Fantastic range to accomodate flow from start to finish, day and night! All sizes including night are light, no bulk whatsoever, but still no leakage. Absolutely love the fact that both the product and packaging are Eco friendly as I am extremely keen on non-plastic packaging. Nice work Bamboo Babe 😊"
Tegan G.
Great product
"Love the new compostable packaging. Pads have great absorbency but leave you feeling dry. So much more comfortable than previous product used."
Faith D.
Great ethical option that does a great job
"Convenient monthly delivery option, I never have to worry about running out again. Sustainable packaging and the product itself is great. "
Jody L.
Best disposable pads
"They are thin (doesn't feel like a nappy), yet still hold a fair amount of liquid. They don't irritate or feel stuffy. Best part is they are compostable. I use these as a back up for my reusable pads, great for emergencies."
Very comfortable and absorbent
"So far, Bamboo Babe is the most comfortable, and absorbent pad I have used. Not a leak so far and it is environmentally responsible- which is vital. I cannot recommend it highly enough. "
Nina D.
Loving It!
"Easy to buy - great product - definitely keeping my subscription!"
Brooke H.