Our Story

the BB Story

The short of it...

We make pads. Great pads. Great for the earth, and great for you too.

Yes, we like to talk about pads...if you do too, read on (we dare you).

The long of it…

Whether you call it Aunt Flow, That-time-of-the-month, Shark Week, Moon Time or any other bizarre avoidance of the word, periods happen. Every month. Like clockwork it comes around, like that monthly visit from Nan but without all the lemon shortcake and hugs and with a whole lot of inconvenience. But it doesn’t have to be all bad, in fact we think it’s time we bring back some positivity into your monthly cycle, and celebrate its natural arrival!

To make it easier on ourselves and the environment, Bamboo Babe have created a pad that’s not only incredibly dry and comfortable, but it’s also biodegradable.

Our environmentally-friendly women’s hygiene products are designed in Australia. Our products are designed by women for women and use the best global manufacturing technologies available. We could go through them, but you’d probably rather be ticking off your to-do list, reading your new book, frolicking in a nearby field or taking long walks on the beach (we know we would).

So, to keep a long story short, we can assure you we’re using the most innovative practices around to bring you the best product we could create. It’s good. Really good. We’re biased but we hope you think so too. And it’s not just good for you - it’s good for the environment, for your wallet and also helps support Childhood Cancer Association, Share The Dignity and other worthy causes. 

While we know there’s already a few fantastic innovators in the natural-hygiene market, we wanted to make it a more accessible choice for everyone to make, so we can all hug the trees a little more, and love ourselves at the same time. We’ve spent many months developing a product that not only delivers our ethos but remains affordable. Let's face it, we can’t have the trees and our wallets frowning at us, right?

Who Are We?

Founders - George and Karyn Harris

The founder of our clever little pads is Tasmanian entrepreneur, father, grandfather, husband and paddle board enthusiast George Harris.

Surrounded by many wonderful women in his family, George became acutely aware of the monthly cycle and its impact, not only on the women around him, but the Earth as well.

Building their family in Tasmania, George and his wife Karyn are passionate about living and consuming responsibly, preserving our beautiful natural environment. Karyn and daughter Elisha became very active about seeking alternative options to the host of artificial-fibre pad options in the market. With very few options available, and deciding that actions speak louder than words, George began developing concepts with Karyn and Elisha by his side ...(you can catch Elisha on Instagram @earthmama_life).

Early in 2017, a survey group of 21 women shared with the founders their ideal elements a pad should be created from, how a pad should perform and its life after use. From this informative beginning, Bamboo Babe was launched. After commencing in South Australia and now based back in Tasmania, George runs Bamboo Babe with a passionate small team and with the support of the amazing women in his life. He’s recruited family, friends and women in his local community to try, test and chat about the products (after all, it takes a community to build a business). He’s even been known to take pads to the local cafe and test them on the table over coffee...

“I’m very interested in reducing plastic waste and innovating within the green disposables product range, and we are now delighted to offer the first bamboo based, super thin and dry, biodegradable product in the Australian market,” George says. “Women’s hygiene products typically end up in landfill and there are an estimated 45 billion globally piling up each year. The presence of large quantities of plastics that aren't biodegradable or compostable means they take between 500 and 800 years to break down.” George is continuing to develop new and innovative products that will be added to the range.


Anthony ‘Ant’ Dyer is a scientist, innovator and all-round incredible human. In between all this, he’s managed to be co-founder of Bamboo Babe with George. He helps with the scientific know-how to make sure we’re creating a product that not only feels great, but also works.

By day, Ant works in healthcare as the CEO for Wound Innovations. His role is responsible for stimulating the business growth through the delivery of best practice clinical services, education and credentialing focusing on the aged care sector and industry partnerships. He is dedicated to education, awareness and care of people with wounds and is also involved in research and education for nurses and midwives to prevent and treat some of the complications that mums can experience while having a baby.

So why pads? Whether it be pads or wound care, Ant is passionate about problem solving, and improving quality of life in areas where little research or time has been invested. He says it’s all about re-education - creating a solution that works and ensuring the message spreads far and wide. An eco-pad that works, is good for the environment, comfortable and affordable? Hell yes!

Business Development Executive

Nick brings his formidable industry experience to manage the business development and international expansion of Bamboo Babe. Nick loves everything about our clever little products and he is on a mission to see BB take over the world!