Our Story

the BB Story

The short of it...

We make pads. Great pads. Great for your health, and great for our environment too.

The long of it…

Thank you for your interest in the Bamboo Babe community. We are excited for you to be a part of this amazing journey and making a difference to your health and also the planet. Bamboo Babe now lies under my Australian operated family business, Ethically Better. I want to continue celebrating the eco-friendly culture that Bamboo Babe has created, setting a foundation where women can feel empowered to lead the way to a greener, healthier future. We, at Ethically Better Pty Ltd, firmly believe that our environment can be the best possible version of itself, if we create the change we wish to see in the world. And we all have our means to do it.

When we learnt that Bamboo Babe was closing down, I sat my family down after coming back from work and after many coffees and chocolates (for me, obviously!), we decided to buy Bamboo Babe from the original owners and take the legacy further. I, Khyati, now run the business and have left my 9 to 5 job and focus all my energy and passion into Bamboo Babe and taking it further. Soon we will be setting up a Charitable Foundation, wherein parts of our profit from Bamboo Babe will be used to empower women globally to lead the way to a greener, healthier future. One of our ethos is to give back to the community in any way that we can.

Since operating Bamboo Babe, we have learnt so much about sanitary pads. Did you know that it takes nearly 500 to 800 years for one sanitary pad to decompose as the sanitary pad’s plastic is not biodegradable?!!! Also, that the perfumes used in sanitary pads very harmful – they can cause organ damage and the hydrocarbons might even be carcinogenic? We also learnt that Bamboo fibres offers up to 40% more absorption that cotton, bamboo is grows best organically without fertilisers and best of all bamboo is naturally biodegradable and anti-bacterial. All Bamboo Babe products are 100% compostable, biodegradable, anti-bacterial and organic and free from chemicals and perfume.

Our vision is to create and provide natural products that can be effective and harm-free for you and the environment. Being passionate about the environment can mean different things to different people. Providing chemical and plastic-free products that are better for you as well as the earth is our passion. We are constantly inspired to work harder to create ongoing change, and that’s something you’ll continue to see with Bamboo Babe in years to come.