Why Bamboo Babe?

Did you know over 45 billion sanitary items are used every year? This results in millions of kilograms of waste each year. Not to mention the majority of pads already on the market take between 500-800 years to break down. It’s a confronting scenario to consider, especially when these products are in such close contact to one of our most sensitive areas. So, we made a change...

So, you’re probably wondering; what’s so good about bamboo?

Firstly, Bamboo is a grass; no trees are cut down to make our product - winning! 

Bamboo grows very fast with some species growing up to 30cm per day  meaning there’s a plentiful supply of this sustainable resource...

Bamboo is 15% more absorbent than cotton - so you stay dry.

Bamboo fibre is naturally hypoallergenic making it non-irritating for most people - so you stay comfortable. 

Bamboo fibre is naturally antibacterial, this helps control odour during your period - so you stay fresh.

The bamboo used in Bamboo Babe is sustainably farmed from a FSC certified plantation and doesn’t require lots of water, unlike cotton which needs vast quantities! Our bamboo is also naturally organic because it doesn’t need any pesticides or chemicals to grow, ensuring your most vulnerable area is safe from any nasties leaching into your system (from us anyway).

Bamboo has allowed us to create a comfortable pad, with performance that is second to none - we use the latest in green technology to ensure each Bamboo Babe product is the very best available.  

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