Wonderful pantyliner
"Strong adhesive backing (but is not damaging to your underwear). Doesn't bunch together in the middle (always happens with cotton pantyliners, for example Tom Organics' recently improved pantyliners and Carefree liners) and come apart. Very comfortable and I would purchase BB pantyliners again! :)"
Lynn T.
Good for earth and the ones using it
"I ordered the free trial ones before, to see if its really worth it and can hold even the super flow. So, I tested them on my high days, 2nd and 3rd day.. and they were pretty awesome.. absorbed well and no foul smell and felt comfortable as they are thin and doesn't feel like a diaper :p Overall it was good experience and i also recommended to my girlfriends, and from here we can do something for earth as well. :)"
Amrit K.
Super awesome products
"Super soft and dry immediately. Worth to swap from the normal pad, even better. Happy to know that it's degradable and save the environment."
Kanruthai C.
Really great
"They worked really well and you feel so much better knowing its not impacting the environment! "
Dayna B.
A very happy babe
"I recently started using bamboo babe products and just couldn’t go back now! I find them to be extremely comfortable because of their slimline design. Although they are thinner than other brands, I’ve actually found them to be much more absorbent and I feel confident when I wear them that I won’t have any leaks because of this. I think that’s it’s really cool that they are bamboo based. Using a product that is way better for the environment is a bonus!"
Rebekah B.
Love this ! Well worth it
"This is great! The pads feel good to use, it feels like it absorbs really well compared to commercial pads. And the fact that they're better hygienically and environmentally is importantly great. Those are huge pluses for me, but it's all also for great value - the pricing is wonderful and makes this goodness affordable. This subscription is well worth it !"
Kashia F.
Beyond anything I expected.
"Not what I usually would use, but they were so comfortable. Performance was beyond what I expected and I would recommend these for anyone who is not usually comfortable with pads."
Amy S.
Bamboo love!
"I adore, adore, adore these pads! I couldn't go back to anything else. Thank you so much Bamboo Babe.x"
Emma K.
Love it!!!
"I absolutely love the Bamboo Babe products... I found them very comfortable to wear. They have a lovely slim line that doesn't show when wearing tight fitting pants and the absorbency was perfect! Overall they just felt clean and fresh which pads normally don't... Impressive!"
Renae S.
Great products!
"Easy to use and no leakage! Highly recommended these pads "
April B.
"Very happy with finding these, not only good for the environment, but they are better then most I have tried. You can feel confident that they will get you through the day, Maximum support. Thank you will be recommending them to everyone. "
Lisa U.