Absolutely brilliant!
"I had no discomfort, and forgot they were there. They feel silky smooth and stay put. Added bonus: they're better for the environment. WIN! "
Aimee P.
Absolutely love!
"Really happy with my purchase - just what I'd hoped they'd be. Will be my new go to xox"
Jackie B.
Good but not for me
"I prefer tampons and the pads didn't change my mind on this. The panty liners were great - love the sticky back. Would buy again in the future if you release a ****** range."
Awesome quality!
"These pads are so good! So absorbant, and most importantly so comfortable! No itchiness down there, which I’ve had with every other pad I’ve tried "
Light Luxury
"Really enjoyed using Bamboo Babe products. They were light and comfortable and perfect for my needs. "
Wonderfull products
"I ordered 4 of nights pad those packages are cute. I love it, so thin and comfort. Next time I wanna try other pads."
Indri N.
Pleasantly surprised!
"I'm fairly use to pads "doing the job" but usually being pretty uncomfortable. I've been really surprised so far by how comfortable bamboo pads are! I don't have to look like I'm picking a ****** every time my pad needs adjusting which is awesome! The adhesive is much stronger too than most other pads I've used plus instead of having a standard same size "front and back" of the pad, they have a shorter front and a longer back for avoiding leakage. Very happy so far! No cranky ranting about uncomfortable pads while on my period. Think it's time to order some more :)"
Love it
"Wish I had known about them sooner!! "
Rosanna R.
Comfortable product
"Comfortable, no leakage. Good for the environment and reasonably priced. Thanks!"
Kylee R.
Surprisingly absorbent
"I was skeptical when I first recieved it as it seemed to be too thin. However, I tried and its surprisingly absorbent. "
Fantastic and irritation free!
"Signed up for the subscription and am very impressed. This is the first time I’ve used a menstrual product that doesn’t leave me with a “nappy rash”. "
Great coverage
"Didn't need to worry about leaking overnight!"
great product
"after seeing an ad on social media thought id give them a go. best panty liners that i have come across. super thin, i forget that i am wearing them. super sticky and don't move. non irritating which is a winner, so happy with my purchase and can say i will be happily swapping over to bamboo babe. no more shopping in the super market for me. love the little bags that they come in. thanks bamboo babe love your product <3 <3"
Eco friendly piece of mind
"I always try to chose eco friendly products and these liners tick all the boxes. These liners are super absorbent leaving you dry all day, and are so thin it is easy to forget that you are using one. I love how sticky the backing is which I found kept the liner in place throughout a busy day. The best part is the price, I found the pack very affordable and the convenience of a complete months supply delivered to my door is wonderful. "
"The subscription is a great option, it comes with everything you need for your monthly period. And the pads are good quality, don't have that 'smell' like other commercial ones do and great absorption. Would recommend. "
New favourite panty liner
"I use them as backup for a mooncup during my period and most days between my period. They stay in place nicely and they don’t leave sticky residue on your ****** like some pantyliners do. I absolutely love that not o my are the liners biodegradable but so it all the wrapping. "
Rachael S.
The better option
"The price was equal to previously bought supermarket brands that were less environmentally friendly so switching was a easy choice. Product works just as well as previous brands also."
"I love Bamboo Babe products! They are excellent value for money as well as being a biodegradable product. "
Absolutely love Bamboo Babe!
"I started with the 3 for free trial, and have not regret it! Besides being ridiculously absorbent, these babies are so comfortable you barely know you're wearing them! Not to mention doing my bit for the environment 🌏👌I cannot recommend them enough - definitely make the switch!"
Renee T.
Really great product
"Love them. Delivered super fast. Really comfy too."
Awesome product!
"The pad was dry and thin. It felt good to the touch and the idea that it's also good for the environment is a major plus!"
Jasmine M.
Super awesome
"They were comfy and i felt good using products good for the planet and good for my body! Well done guys"
Emma n.
Worth it!
"Little bit of fluff while using but wasnt uncomforfable. Super slim, flexible and comfortable. Didnt feel like it was trapping heat and moisture like normal pads do. Definitely changing over! "
Amazing product!
"I am loving my panty liners, and I’ve only used them for about a week so far!! They stick way better than the previous brand that I’ve been using, are super thin yet absorbent, and I am just so stoked that they are enviro friendly! Thank you so much!"
Great pad
"These are super amazing pads! love that they stick from back to front. The only thing i would like is just a little more width at the back and front just to give a little bit more coverage while sleeping. Overall super happy. "
"10/10 I have had issues in the past with pads moving around or being to bulk neither of which are problems with this pad. When you stick it down it stays and it is super thin so you can not feel a thing. I found them to also be extremely absorbent, normally about an hour or so in I would feel wet so would need to change my pad but with this pad I really did not even notice how full my pad was until i went to the bathroom. "
Love Bamboo Babe!
"I thought I’d give Bamboo Babe a shot after seeing a post of theirs on social media. I’ve been looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional pads, and these looked like the perfect option. My free samples arrived in the mail super quickly, and I was eager to try them. I’m so glad I did! The products themselves are super soft and comfortable, so they’re non-irritating to sensitive skin. They’re also very absorbent while remaining slim and non-bulky, so you forget you’re even wearing them, and they don’t have that unpleasant chemical odour that comes with traditional cotton pads. Additionally, they have an end-to-end adhesive, which ensures the pad stays in place and doesn’t move around or bunch up! One of my favourite things about this product though is the absolutely gorgeous packaging! Hippie and witchy, the package they come in is so beautiful, and the strips that cover the adhesive have lovely phases of the moon illustrations. Thanks for making such an awesome product, Bamboo Babe! I’ll be back for sure!"
"Super easy and it doesn’t leak!"
Tried sample pack
"I have irregular period,so I haven’t tried normal pads yet but tried liner. It is very thin and light. Sometimes I forget if im even wearing it. Very comfortable. But few hrs later,the pad surface looks bit worn...im not sure how to describe;; probably i was very active that day(climing)?? But very comfortable. Cant wait to try normal pads. It will be super comfy! Thanks for caring the earth and us!:))"
Jung s.
I love it!
"Soft and easy to use. No chemical smell! I will buy it again!"