Fantastic design
"Excellent product, very convenient and easy to use. Fast delivery and wonderful customer service!"
Love them
"Really happy with the pads I ordered, arrived very quickly. Since using them I’ve had no skin irritation (which I regularly got with other pads). Also like how they are biodegradable."
Cool initiative
"The pad’s were some of the best I’ve used. They do feel dry, and they hold up pretty well to sport."
Rebekah P.
Bamboo Babe 3 for Free deal
"Hi, just wanted to say that the pads were awesome extremely comfortable and discreet, stuck to the ****** way better than supermarket pads, I think this is a fantastic product and the price isn’t too much, so I’m very happy! I just wish shipping was free so I could buy them every month- but being a student I don’t have much money to be spending. I would like to know if they are completely biodegradable, and if there are any harsh chemicals that could be bad for the body- in comparison to normal pads. Thank you!"
"The pads were really great quality, they stayed in place especially well! The only thing I wished was different was the plastic packaging, it would be great if paper was used instead! "
Super bamboo super awesome
"Excellent value for money and very comfortable pads. Super absorbent super soft. "
Tricia G.
Awesome products!
"Very good quality, super absorbant, flexible shape that moves with your body, generous amount of "sticky" so they don't come unstuck. None of that smell that you get with normal products, excellent pricing for such an environmentally friendly product...and delivery to your door in a very cute drawstring bag! I love everything about them, will absolutely be telling my friends and family about them!"
Alison J.
Absorbency excellent, stickiness not so good
"Two of us tried B.B. range and found they live up to all claims of absorbency, comfort, etc except they don’t stick very well at the ends. It’s not enough of a problem to stop using them but it is a bit irritating. "
Miracle Pads!
"Amazing products! I have quite sensitive skin, and regular pads cause irritation and itching. But these pads were super gentle and didn't cause any trouble for me. Also with regular pads, I often get a lot of leakage both from the outsides and onto my thighs and through the actual pad itself. But these pads were very absorbent and I experienced 0 leakage. I was a bit skeptical at first because of how thin even the 'super' ones were, but they worked like a miracle! Would definitely recommend!"
Lauren M.
Tiny yet mighty!
"I have honestly underestimated the product. I initially thought it couldn't "hold" everything because it looked fragile. I was wrong! I look forward to getting more."
Great Pads!!
"These pads hold a lot and I feel very comfortable wearing them. The stickiness is more reliable and covers more of the pad than any other brand of pad I've worn. There is a bit of fluff that comes off after a while (I do tend to wear pads longer than most people though), but that just gives me more confidence that these are eco-friendly! The trial option is fantastic and I highly recommend anyone try these!"
Really great product!
"Really impressed and happy with both the panty liners and the pads. Excellent coverage, beautifully thin and not bulky at all. Will definitely be subscribing and ordering a monthly supply :) "
Great products
"I recently received my products from Bamboo babe, super fast delivery it is great to have a product like this on the market that's reliable and affordable, love love love it"
Amanda F.
Absolutely amazing products!!
"They are discrete and feel really soft, I love the environmental option opposed to normal pads. "
Super awesome products
"Comfortable & practical. And they absolutely do the job."
Yensina N.
Love the liners!
"I bought only the liners, and I love how soft, thin and absorbent they are. They keep me nice and dry, and don’t irritate me one bit. The only small negative comment is that I find that they pill a little when I use them while cycling, however this occurs with most other liners due to “chaffing” on the bike seat. For everyday use, they don’t pill and are fabulous! This is one happy subscriber! :)"
Very dry and absorbent!
"Love it! Did not feel wet at all and absorb very well, no leaking. Being biodegradable and non-toxic from highly renewable bamboo, Bamboo Babe is best!"
Nina D.
Great normal subscription products
"Love using the pads. Super comfortable, light weight - doesn't feel like you're wearing/ using them at all. "
Bloody awesome
"Great product, feel good about using these instead of standard. Reasonable price for a quality product. Will buy again !!"
"I haven’t even worn it a full day yet and I already love it. It fits perfectly in your underwear, nothing hangs over the sides, it’s super thin so I can’t even feel it and it’s super sticky so it actually sticks to the underwear and stays in place which I haven’t experienced when wearing pads in a long time so this is exciting! And they’re not going to hurt the environment! What more could you ask for? LOVE THEM!!"
Sophie c.
awesome products
"i just love them super comfy "
Great alternative to traditional products
"Great product and a high standard alternative to what is currently available. I will continue to use them. Only tip is, when working out, it might be best to remove the pad altogether."
Some killer pads
"I like the concept of the product, but each item was individually wrapped in plastic so im not sure how that coinsides with the brands ‘eco friendly, biodegradable’ message. I LOVED, how sticky the bases were. They were thick enough to last throughout the day, and didnt budge at all."
Hey, Thanks so much for your review. We're so pleased you loved our pads. Just so you know the individual wrapper is a compostable film, not plastic. And the bag is 40% compostable - we're working on making that 100% compostable. Cheers, The Bamboo Babe Team - Bamboo Babe
Great product
"I'd like to revisit this review in another month as my period was not really heavy this time, so my night was not at its usual flow. This pad was excellent though, dry feeling and very comfortable."
Tricia G.
Great liners!
"Super comfy, ‘barely there’ feel liners. I usually have issues with my liners bunching up but these ones did not and I could hardly tell that I was even wearing them. Awesome product!"
Franceca L.
Great product and company!
"I've now received two of my subscription orders, and the second was packaged in a beautiful drawstring canvas sack plus a cute envelope with details about a social media competition testing the absorption of these things - which I'd have to agree it fantastic. I also find that the smell, which can often be unpleasant during this time of the month, feels like it's more neutral and less pungent as when I was using other commercial pads. Great product, and I love supporting what this company is doing :)"
Kashia F.
Lovely and Natural
"I am loving your products. They are comfortable and easy to wear. They don't bunch up and the packaging is discrete but has a beautiful design. I am impressed and proud to call myself a Bamboo Babe customer :-)"
Serrin M.
Wonderful pantyliner
"Strong adhesive backing (but is not damaging to your underwear). Doesn't bunch together in the middle (always happens with cotton pantyliners, for example Tom Organics' recently improved pantyliners and Carefree liners) and come apart. Very comfortable and I would purchase BB pantyliners again! :)"
Lynn T.
Good for earth and the ones using it
"I ordered the free trial ones before, to see if its really worth it and can hold even the super flow. So, I tested them on my high days, 2nd and 3rd day.. and they were pretty awesome.. absorbed well and no foul smell and felt comfortable as they are thin and doesn't feel like a diaper :p Overall it was good experience and i also recommended to my girlfriends, and from here we can do something for earth as well. :)"
Amrit K.
Super awesome products
"Super soft and dry immediately. Worth to swap from the normal pad, even better. Happy to know that it's degradable and save the environment."
Kanruthai C.