Best pads
"Amazing. They don't move at all during the day or night. Highly recommend. "
Mikaella A.
"Best liners I've used! They don't move and super absorbent. Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all, nothing at all, nothing at all."
Mikaella A.
Great Product!
"Comfortable, durable and sustainable. "
Raquel C.
"I’m enjoying my environmentally friendly pads. They are comfy and knowing they will degrade quicker adds to the value."
Kassie A.
Amazing product
"Super, I have three daughters and we cannot recommend your product with high enough praise. It is amazing. "
Lynelle S.
Really impressed
"I was apprehensive to see how well these pads absorbed compared with regular supermarket brands. Extremely impressed that they passed with flying colors, and are so much better for the environment to boot!"
Teagan C.
"Super thin and really absorbent "
Vanessa W.
Everything I was told it would be
"I was amazed at how thin the pads were. It felt like I was wearing nothing so I was worried about what they could hold, but yes they are still very obsorbent as well. Everything I could ask for."
Zoe A.
Great products
"Love these products but sometimes find the top of pad comes away."
Nicole C.
Absolutly amazing!
"Perfect size for an overnight pad, it was super comfy and there were no accidents or leakage throughout the nights. Highly recommend these products, inexpensive and much more environmentally friendly than standard pads! Love them! Will be repurchasing as needed :)"
Nicole F.
Awesome products
"These are great products, its soft and feel dry the whole time i wear it."
Tami T.
Awesome product, easy to order and fast delivery 🙂
"Great product, so easy to order and delivery is time is quick!!"
Beck C.
The best so far.
"I've used other organic products but they didn't come close to how absorbent your products were and were over priced, really happy with all your range and best of all NO MORE RASHES from using the synthetic pads and not badly priced either. Thank you , and me and my girls will continue to support you Bamboo Babe."
Margaret A.
Comfy and sustainable!
"I’m so glad someone has solved the pollution problem of sanitary products! "
Sasha H.
Really happy with the product
"Really happy and was exactly how it was described on the website. Can definitely recommend"
Penny J.
Better Bamboo Products
"Im happy with the products Thankyou ! I am glad to find a product I feel is disposable environmentally. I want to burn them in our combustion heater with minimal byproduct air pollutants. (Like the old days at the school girls toilets or when we had a furnace in the backyard) Landfill is the only other option 🤷‍♀️ Also if I can offer some feedback from a middle aged woman ? I often need to buy libra panty liners all the time due to bladder leakage . They offer an absorbent core much better than most other products I’ve used .( if any woman who’s had a baby has ever had a virus which has left them with a hacking cough ; you’ll appreciate why the need for a heavy duty panty liner ! ) Can you please work on supplying a bladder leakage panty liner that can be worn every day ? As Im using my bamboo period pads for this purpose ...That would be amazing 😉 "
Super Impressed
"key points - absorbs A LOT of heavy flow. - sticks in my undies SUPER WELL, unlike store bought! - I didn't have any accidents because of both of these factors (i have a super heavy quick period). - they don't compromise on quality for the sake of the environment, and I love that! - Also, as a South Australian, I am right behind them! "
Sandra W.
Good quality products
"Very happy to continue using this product "
Monique B.
Super Awesome products
"I have been searching for a more natural, cost-effective solution to periods for a long time. I have tried everything! Bamboo Babe pads tick all the boxes for me. They are super thin, but so absorbent! The price you pay per packet is on par with the cheap, harsh chemical, plastic pads on the market so you aren't out of pocket. Plus you get the super cute drawstring, reusable bags they come in for storing all sorts of stuff around the house. I especially like the fact that Bamboo Babe pads have extra adhesive that runs the whole length of the pad which keeps them securely in place. Do yourself a favor and buy Bamboo Babe pads, you won't go back to normal pads ever again! ☺"
Amanda B.
Fantastic Products!
"These items were great! I found the product itself very good and the thought they were healthier for me and the planet made it even better!"
Kirsty R.
Impressed with Quality & Value
"Love how thin and flexible these liners are. I usually wear reusable ones but I got these for a 7 day hike and was very pleased with the quality. The pricing is also extremely good and received my order super fast. While my preference is reusable sanitary products, this is certainly an excellent option when lighter weight/disposable choices are needed."
Tamarind W.
Great stuff.
"The shipping was fast, I love the compostable packaging, and the product is great. I'll be buying Bamboo Babe in the future."
Soft, gentle and practical!
"I really enjoy using these panty liners! I am pregnant and just need a little extra everyday protection/coverage/clean feeling and these panty liners have been a life saver! They are gentle and soft and help me feel so much cleaner and fresh all day. I am looking forward to using Bamboo Babe maternity pads post baby as well! Thanks BB!"
Kathryn E.
Great product
"Stays in place and works fabulously "
Love them!
"Not only does it do the job with no leaks, I'm not itchy or irritated while wearing them. They fit really well on my underwear and knowing they are better for me and the planet is so nice! Thanks for giving us such a great product for a very affordable price."
Julieanne H.
Brilliant bamboo
"Brilliant. They are light and I feel happy each time I use them. Plus, the liners are just perfect for those heavy days when I like extra security with my cup. "
Lovely Product
"I haven't had a cycle yet, but have pulled a few out to look at and they feel amazing. I am interested to use them and see how they absorb over my flow as they do look very thin. Happy to review again once used, looking forward to it. "
So comfy and light
"It feels so comfortable and soft however I think the night pads should be bigger overall amazing product "
Red Eco Warrior!
"I have yet to use the my Bamboo Babe sanitary items as Aunt Flo hasn't graced me with her annoying presence yet this month. However, I already love these items purely because they are the most environmentally friendly sanitary 'napkin' out there right now and are even mailed out in recycled paper packaging! "
Super is superb!
"What can I say; they check every box. I’m happy. "